Look LUTs For ACES

K2383 LUTs bring a famous print film color palette to your ACES pipeline while preserving the full dynamic range of ACEScct

And ACEScct Teal orange LUTs

LUTs Full List

  • K2383_Basic_crvCool_nbp_sat0
  • K2383_Basic_crvCool_nbp_sat1
  • K2383_Basic_crvCool_sat0
  • K2383_Basic_crvCool_sat1
  • K2383_Basic_crvGreen_nbp_sat0
  • K2383_Basic_crvGreen_nbp_sat1
  • K2383_Basic_crvGreen_sat0
  • K2383_Basic_crvGreen_sat1
  • K2383_Basic_crvNeutral_sat1
  • K2383_Basic_crvNormal_nbp_sat0
  • K2383_Basic_crvNormal_nbp_sat1
  • K2383_Basic_crvNormal_sat0
  • K2383_Basic_crvNormal_sat1
  • K2383_Saturated_crvCool
  • K2383_Saturated_crvCool_Alt
  • K2383_Saturated_crvCool_nbp
  • K2383_Saturated_crvCool_nbp_Alt
  • K2383_Saturated_crvGreen
  • K2383_Saturated_crvGreen_nbp
  • K2383_Saturated_crvNeutral
  • K2383_Saturated_crvNeutral_Alt
  • K2383_Saturated_crvNeutral_lower_contrast
  • K2383_Subtle_1
  • K2383_Subtle_2
  • TealOrange_Normal
  • TealOrange_Strong



Basic / Saturated
There are two main versions of K2383 LUTs. Basic and Saturated. Basic has less contrast and saturation, closer to DaVinci Resolve built-in film LUTs in terms of a color palette, but has lower contrast. Saturated is a more contrasty version with rich saturated colors. If you need a more saturated look, I recommend that you choose Saturated LUTs instead of simply increasing saturation with Basic version, as they are two different looks with a lot of differences here and there.

crv (Curve)
This part of the name describes RGB curves of a LUT. There are Normal, Cool, Green and Neutral curves.

  • crvNormal adds cool tint to shadows and warm tint to highlights.
    crvCool is basically the same, but cooler.
  • crvGreen no surprise here, this curve adds green tint, especially noticeable in the shadows.
  • crvNeutral almost no tint. Barely noticeable tint similar to crvNormal.

Neutral black point. Some LUTs have tinted shadows including the black point. LUTs with nbp in the name have a neutral black point with no tint.

LUTs with this suffix have highlights tinted to cyan-green.

Almost all Basic LUTs have sat0 or sat1 suffix. This is just a regular saturation. sat0 means less saturation than sat1. I found this useful, so I included this variation to the pack.


Sublte_2 affects image even less than Subtle_1.
TealOrange_ naming is pretty straightforward, there is nothing to explain here.

Demo Stills

The LUTs Do Not Limit Dynamic Range

Stills with Greenery

These LUTs are not made from actual measurements of real print films, but created as my artistic vision. However, as you can see from stills with color checkers, they are pretty close to what you would usually expect from print film LUTs.

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